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Pretty Long Hair Half Updos With Curls <3


Half updos are an amazing way to maintain your hair in place and fancy without having to get a really formal hairstyle. One of the pros about this hairstyle is that half up half down can be worn either for everyday or for a little bit fancier occasion. Also, can be suitable for every hair type there is: curls, sleek, wavy or even messy, and forget the lengths, this is by far the chicest and popular hair trend over the years.We all know people who generally hate buns and stuff like that.

Here are the amazing half updo hairstyle with curls for your events like weddings, dinners and parties.

Half up half down hair with curls

This is a fancy yet casual hair look with half up half down curly hair. These are perfect half up hairstyles for wedding. There are more. Keep reading <3


If there is a wedding coming your way, take this look and rock it!

You need a look like some Hollywood star? You can count on this one for sure!


This hair style is absolutely luxurious. I have seen Kate Middleton with this hair look lots of times!


Need something to look pretty and innocent at the same time? Go for this one!


Are you looking for bridal hair styles? This is for you if you are the bride!

You don’t always need long hair for curly half up half down hair!


You likewise have an option to replicate Jessica Alba’s look. Maybe you will look better than her, who knows?


That is a pretty casual chic hair look. It will make you look very edgy!


How can we forget about the braids? The braided half up half down hair look is absolutely stunning!

This one is more or less the same with giving a bit more volume to your hair!


Oh Blake Lively! Who doesn’t know her? She is the master of this curly half up half down hair look.

That’s again one perfect look for brides. Simple yet beautiful!


That’s the same look with a petite braid so that it looks a bit more casual.


This is what I call princess hair look!

Half-Up-Half-Down-Hairstyles-for-Curly-Hair (1)


This one is absolutely royal. It looks nothing but gorgeous!


Looking for a hair style for a wedding of a closed one? You can rely on this look!


This hair look is absolutely phenomenal. You can take this hair look for weddings and all other formal functions.


Need a cute and elegant hair look? This one is for you!

half up half down prom hairstyles 1

Looking for a hair style for a wedding of a closed one? You can rely on this look!

So you are worried for some elegant office look? This hair look will add sophistication to your complete style!


That’s another bridal look, totally cute and luxurious!


You are out of time and need some decent hair look? This hair look is very fine and requires minimal effort.


On your big day, this is something you must go for. It will add elegance to your complete look.

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