Magic Hair Bun Shaper Set, 2 Pcs Magic Hair Clip Twist Hair Braiding Set, 2 Pairs Topsy Tail Loop Hair Kit Ponytail Maker, 2 Pcs Donut Hair Bun Tool

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Manufacturer Description

They are the simplest way to make a hairstyle. You can use your talent or look up some videos to discover other usages.

The package includes
2 pack magic hair clip twist braiding set
2 Magic topsy tail
2 Donut Hair Bun Tool.

Good for going party or banquet. Brings you a new hair style in seconds.

Magic Hair Clip Twist Braiding Set (Size: 18.5cm x 2.5cm)
Steps for usage:
1. Take a piece of hair from top of head and feed it into the first two loops of twist hair braider.
2.Take a piece of hair from one side, and cross it over top of hair braider and feed it into the next loop.
3.Take a piece of hair from other side of head and cross it over the hair braider and feed it into the next loop down on the hair braider.
4. Continue down the head filling each loop of the twist hair braider with even pieces of hair from alternating sides of the head.

Topsy Tail (Size: big 18cm x 4cm, small 14cm x 2.5cm)
Steps for usage:
1. Bind a small tail
2. Put tail into curler
3. Put tail through curler bottom-up
4. Pull the curler downward

Donut Hair Bun Tool. (Size: 21cm*2.5cm)
Steps for usage:
1. Straight the hair bun tool, and put your hair in between the two bands
2. Hold both ends together
3. Roll upwards to the base of the ponytail
4. Make little adjustment to make sure the bun maker is fully covered by your hair

Product Features

Women Girls Centipede Braid Twist Hair Braider DIY Hair Styling Tool. Perfect for going party or banquet, and hairstyle will stick, embellishes the shape of head and face, achives graceful and sweet temperament. Ponytail Styling Tool: Takes a minute to get the hang of actually braiding it and works fine and give a loose braid or ponytail styling.Easy and convenient to carry and use.Great Accessory for hair style.Great for All Hair Types - From Extra Curly to Pin Straight. Easy Hair Styling Dount Maker: Holds your hair steady, will not break however you roll or twist. High-quality hair band will not damage your hair. You will not get headache from too tight buns any more.Help you to create Crown and Donut Hair Style, both cute and elegant hair style. Hair Styling Tool: Made of high quality of plastic resin, can foldable to DIY hair style, easily bends without having it cut or broken and makesure a pretty style. After-Sales Guarantee. We are so confidence with the quality of our product.If you have any dissatisfaction with this product, size, color, quality, etc.You can contact us for FULL REFUND after any time! We will solve your problem quickly and effectively!

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